Touch, Rites of Mirrow Hidden in Gravity Book by Sergej Vutoc cover

Touch, Rites of Mirrow Hidden in Gravity Book by Sergej Vutoc

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Our friend Sergej Vutuc from Croatia is not only an amazing photographer but he is also one heck of an awesome self-publisher and zine maker. Putting incredible thought, care and effort into his own works, Sergej has mastered the art of capturing awesome underground skaters from around the world and creating a whole new world of his own within the pages of his ethereal, bizarre and haunting self-made books and zines.

The book featured here is our last copy!!!
Self-published, 24x37cm 44 pages, silkscreen carbon cover, inside printed with soy ink risographer by We Make It, Berlin. Rakalj & Berlin, 2018.
Edition of 100

It's difficult to describe Sergej's work, but it is VERY stylized and the result of painstaking work beyond just the photography. With a series of treatments, photocopy processes and some cryptic hand-etched messages, Sergej creates a very unique and bizarre world with his published artifacts.

The materials used (film, paper) are as rough, tough and tangible as not just said war, but also as the both physical and cultural limitations really trapping the represented individuals within one specific dimension of reality complete with haunting urban references (and just as many incitations) to consumerism. The textures are as rigid as those of the constructions being reclaimed through the skateboarding, and each page makes for a stand for the right to fresh air.

These books are a beautiful testament to the love and care of self-publishing and the underground art scene w/in the global skateboarder network. These books are quite limited so please snatch up your copy soon!