Dial Tone Wheel Co Switchboard Tee Black

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The first telephones made available in 1876 were an incredible step towards modern communication, however they had the limitation of being direct lines.  This meant that phones could only dial the other phone they were linked to and no others.  

Shortly after the invention of telephones the switchboard was invented.  Switchboards were panels managed by operators with connections to all other local phones.  This meant that you could connect with more than the one phone that you were permanently linked to previously.  The operators were often women after telephone companies became distrustful of young boys due to their misbehavior and pranks on customers.  

This invention represented many things in a critical point in technological and industrial history.  It represented the shrinking of geographical distance in terms of how people could connect, a greater flexibility in previous technology, and also a greater space in the labor force for women in a time where they were often restricted from the labor force.

Dial tone celebrates those behind the phones with the new Switchboard tee.  Graphic printed on a soft, black, 100% cotton tee.

If you typically fit between two shirt sizes, we would recommend going with the larger size for this piece.

Model is 5'11" and is seen here wearing a Large.