Solsticij DVD

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Well, it took a while for us to make it happen, but we finally managed to get copies of Nikola Racan's acclaimed independent video from out of Croatia, "Solsticij". 

This video is made up of an incredibly long list of over 60 skaters including Zoe Miloš, Marko Zubak, Masaki Ui, Tom Knox, Leo Valls, Soy Panday, Aymeric Nocus, Yoan Taillandier, Tomaž Santal, and many, many more.

Nikola has been responsible for putting on an amazing independent skateboard film festival in Croatia for the past few years and we had no idea that he was such an awesome filmmaker himself. But this new project is really impressive, especially for something coming out of eastern Europe where so little of skateboarding sees the light of day.

This video is a little over an hour long and comes with 16 page full color. Any true fan of indie videos and print should own a copy of this dvd and I trust that these will not last in the web store very long. So please grab a copy now while you still can.