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Theories Book Club Skateboard Deck

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Theories of Atlantis distribution and Theories brand all started out roughly 10 years ago on what was originally just a blog site. Theoriesofatlantis.com was at first just a blog to help keep updates on the progress of the Static IV video as well as an outlet for Josh Stewart's rantings about conspiracy theories and wild paranormal stories. As the blog turned into an actual website, one of the earliest features became the Theories Book Club. A home for occasional book reviews of the mostly conrpiracy-related titles that we were fanatical about at the moment. This little-noticed feature paved the way for the overall feel and direction for Theories as a brand and this new board design captures a heavy stack of some of our favorite and most influential book titles. Every title references an significant element of Theories history or of one of our favorite topics of discussion. And f the10-15 people left out there who still read, this might be one of your favorite new board graphics out this season. Featuring the rad little library card top graphic, this deck comes available in every size you could ever hope for. As always, every deck comes with a FREE SHEET OF THEORIES STAMP DIE-CUT GRIPTAPE!