Traffic Skateboards Hiroki Muraoka Sugoi Deck

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Hiroki reached out to Soy Panday to create artwork for his latest board graphic, and we couldn't be more psyched with how it turned out. The "Sugoi" graphic was able to capture Hiroki's ability to see infinite opportunities in skate spots, life, art, and more.

"The color theme represents the Japanese flag. Right now, in this life, your soul lives in Japan. The background has a traditional Japanese pattern with Shodo writing to represent your artistic heritage. The fox represents your soul. It's a sly animal, smart, and beautiful. You can often see foxes hanging out in city streets at night. The fox has glasses on in the form of the infinity symbol. It's a reference to the Traffic Spot Seeker graphic. A pair of glasses that let you see an infinite number of spots. Your soul is an artist's soul. In this life and in previous lives." - Soy Panday

And, as always, all decks come with a FREE SHEET OF MOB M-80 GRIPTAPE!