Isle Skateboards Brindley Sylvain Deck

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In the "Brindley Artist Series" Jack Brindley contrasts sculptures against plant life to make some very intriguing new deck designs for ISLE. Central to Brindley’s practice is an attentiveness to how objects circulate in the world. As everything can be traced back to a set of ‘conditions’ that produced it, Brindley’s work is engaged in exploring how expectations and encounters with objects can be manipulated. Artworks are contingent with their surroundings; responding both physically and conceptually to the space they are situated within. Working with found material gestures and their relationship between ‘use-value’ and a potential cultural significance, Brindley’s work is concerned with how temporal, spatial and economic practices have shifted throughout history and as a result how ideas and objects exist in the world. Fundamentally Brindley is interested in art’s ability to comment on and re-proposition these ideas in a new light.

All Isle decks are made by Generator in the USA, and every deck comes with a FREE SHEET OF THEORIES STAMP DIE-CUT GRIPTAPE!