The Quiet Leaf Magazine (Korea)

The Quiet Leaf Magazine (Korea)

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The Quiet Leaf is a beautiful quarterly magazine out of South Korea that focuses on the creative elements in and around skateboarding. Each issue is focused on one country or city and talks about art, music, photography and traveling. We have been proudly carrying this independent publication since the very first issue and we're stoked to be able to offer several issue here on the web store.

The goal of The Quiet Leaf is to portray low-key creatives who are quietly contributing to the lifestyle we chose to follow. They are sometimes overlooked and often underrated professionals. In a time where the fast-paced way the world is spinning doesn’t allow us to enjoy good things for very long, the personalities and artists the Quiet Leaf features are pure inspiration and the reason for everything. It’s them who make The Quiet Leaf a classic movie on VHS, a book you read for the second time. Why? Because it’s fucking good, that’s why.

-The New Quiet Leaf Issue #5 The Thailand issue features an interview with NYC legend Danny Supa

-Issue #4 The UK ISSUE featuring an interview with Isle's Paul Shier

-Issue #3 The Hong Kong / China Issue