Grains DVD

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We see tons of video projects out of the major cities every year...Los Angeles, NYC, London, Tokyo, etc. But it's a rare treat to get a glimpse into the underground skate scenes of lesser known areas like the southeast, desert southwest, etc. And it's even more rare to see a rad project pop up out of the midwest. Let alone, a video that competes with videos from any major city in it's production value and art direction. Grains is an awesome new skate video out of Illinois and not only does it shed light on a very little-covered area of the United States and the amazing scene that chugs along under the radar, it does so with solid editing and beautiful cinematography.

Also, not only is Grains a great watch, it also includes a 24 page photo book. 

Video by: Kevin DelGrosso

Total run time 51 minutes with over 20 minutes of extra footage.