PUSH Periodical Issue 11

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An old friend of ours from England named Richard Hart has been shooting skate photos for decades and finally decided to create his own underground skate publication. PUSH Periodical released it's first issue in the fall of 2015 and has been a hit around the globe ever since. We now have 2 issues of this mag available in limited quantities!

Cover photo: Ben Gore- F/S Nollie Heel, Athens; Photo: Richard Hart

Push Periodical Issue 11 features: Partial Partial World Tour with Hiroki Muraoka and Ben Gore exploring Paris and Athens, along with local skaters.

Also in this issue: Xpan photo gallery by Fabien Ponsero, ‘In a Sentence’ with James Sayres and Jarne Verbruggen, ‘From the Vaults’ with Joe Valdez, and Brian Delatorre on holiday in Paris.

Guest artist this issue is Alexis Sablone.

Watch out for the accompanying online PPWT video by Zach Chamberlin soon!