Shinpei Ueno Zine by Sergej Vutuc

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Our friend Sergej Vutuc from Croatia is not only an amazing photographer but he is also one heck of an awesome self-publisher and zine maker. Putting incredible thought, care and effort into his own works, Sergej has mastered the art of capturing awesome underground skaters from around the world and creating a whole new world of his own within the pages of his ethereal, bizarre and haunting self-made books and zines.

We're hyped to have been able to snatch a few copies of some of his most recent works and this new large-format zine is ONLY available online right now through TOA.

The "Shinpei Ueno" zine is a photo study that focuses on the different elements of one single photo, in this case with Japanese ripper and style master Shinpei Ueno. The zine comes in at a very large 11.5" x 16.5" and is an awesome piece for any serious collector of self-published, underground printed skate media. 

We only have two of these left in stock so grab yours before they're gone!