Theories Moluch Pocket Tee Gold/White

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This pocket tee is printed on our softer, more narrow shirt stock. If you typically fit between two shirt sizes, we would recommend going with the larger size for this piece. Our model is 5' 11" and is seen here wearing a large.

Deep in the redwoods forest of northern California lies a dark and strange encampment known as the Bohemian Grove. Started in 1878, the Grove became a retreat for the world's wealthiest and most powerful men to practice drunken debauchery and bizarre rituals out of the scrutiny of media and the public eye. Rumors of politicians, media moguls, and even US presidents meeting in secret and performing peculiar pagan rituals and mock human sacrifices surrounded the Grove for over a century. The "Cremation of Care" is a ceremony in which a mock human sacrifice is performed in the belly of a giant stone owl, representing the ancient Babylonian god "Moloch." Bohemian Grovers argued that the Grove is a harmless retreat and that the owl figure is a random, meaningless character. However, this would seem highly coincidental since aerial photography has revealed that this supposed 'random' owl shape has also been meticulously laid out in the street plans of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Seen from satellite imagery of the complex, it is plainly visible that the seat of US Congress eerily rests dead center in the belly of the ancient pagan owl god figure.