Theories x Traffic Project Rainbow Deck

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To celebrate 10 years of Theories working with some of our best friends and favorite brands, we’re stoked to announce that our final 10 year collaboration of the year is with Traffic Skateboards out of Philadelphia, PA. Being long time fans of Ricky Oyola’s brand, we were especially interested in revisiting a classic Traffic graphic based around the mysterious story of the Philadelphia Experiment.

In 1943 the US Navy is rumored to have launched an incredible experiment in the Philadelphia harbor in an effort to make Navy Destroyer, The SS Eldridge invisible to radar. But during their multiple experiments, not only did the ship actually physically disappear, leaving an eerie green fog in it’s place, it also reportedly teleported to another Naval port in Norfolk, Virginia. According to crew members of the SS Andrew Furuseth, the SS Eldridge appeared in the Norfolk harbor as plain as day for a few moments before it vanished and then rematerialized in Philadelphia with crew members completely frazzled, some having gone missing and some crew members left partially embedded in the steel deck of the ship. This was just one of many bizarre and unbelievable experiments being conducted by the military as the US found itself in the middle of WWII and was quickly approaching the nuclear age. A perfect fit for the Theories aesthetic, this graphic has been reimagined here by original Traffic artist Mike Stein to depict the bizarre events of the experiments, officially named Project Rainbow by the Navy.

These decks are all made on solid Generator wood.  As always, every deck comes with a FREE SHEET OF THEORIES STAMP DIE-CUT GRIPTAPE!

* Veneer Stain will vary. *

Size Guide:

7.875" x 31.375"
WB: 14"

8.0" x 31.875"
WB: 14.125"

8.125" x 32"
WB: 14.25"

8.25" x 32"
WB: 14.25"

8.38" x 32.125"
WB: 14.375"

8.5" x 32.25"
WB: 14.5"

8.6" x 32.375"
WB: 14.625"

Special Delivery:
9.0" x 31.25"
WB: 14.25"

8.5" x 32.25"
WB: 14.375"