Traffic Skateboards Ricky Cream/Blue Deck

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We're proud to announce we just received the newest series of boards from Philadelphia's Traffic Skateboards. 

This graphic is a staple in the Traffic line and pays homage to Ricky's influence in skateboarding to skate faster, skate in traffic, and to evaluate how, why and where things get done on a skateboard. Inspired by the very popular "Zoo York Hydrant" graphic from 1995. *Available in the all new Commuter and Slappy shape too!

These boards are all made with Generator wood and as always, every deck comes with a FREE SHEET OF THEORIES STAMP DIE-CUT GRIPTAPE!

*Slappy Shape 9" x 31.25", Wheel Base 14.25"

*Commuter Shape 8.5" x 32.25", Wheel Base 14.375"