Polar Skate Co DVD "I like it Here Inside My Mind, Don't Wake me This Time"

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The first full length dvd by Polar Skate Co is FINALLY here and ready for your longing eyes. "I Like it Here Inside My Mind, Don't Wake Me This Time" is over 40 minutes in length and it's the newest creation by the brilliant video maker Pontus Alv featuring the entire Polar team shredding around the world. WARNING: This video is in the European PAL video standard and it might have problems playing in some American DVD players. It should be safe to play on all computers, laptops and Xbox gaming systems but we have had reports of some skate shops having trouble playing it on their DVD players. So please be warned, there's a chance you might have trouble on your home DVD player and will have to play it on your computer or Xbox. We have tested it here in our DVD players and laptops and it has played fine in all circumstances. But we know that some people have experienced issues with their home or skate shop DVD players.

This video, and Dane's part, made our #1 spot on our "Favorite Videos of 2016" list. Check the full article here!