Nicola Tesla Griptape

Reality Griptape (5 Styles)

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A friend of ours has been doing a rad little grip tape brand for a few years now and he's put together a rather eclectic, rad team including Jimmy Lannon, James Coleman and Zach Lyons to name a few. We kept meaning to pick some up for the store but we FINALLY got a few sheets in of our favorite designs and we're stoked to launch them today. If you would like to receive a sheet of Reality Grip instead of our usual Mob grip that comes free with a board we will give you a $3 discount on your Reality Grip. To do so, please go ahead and purchase a sheet of Reality Grip along with your board purchase and we will refund your purchase by $3 when we receive your order and switch your Reality Grip choice out to replace the standard Mob grip we usually provide. The designs we have in stock include: -Bruce Lee -Bill Hicks -Martin Luther King JR. -Nicola Tesla -Angela Davis Here's a little bit more about the grip itself: Each stencil is hand cut, and each sheet of grip is hand sprayed one at a time. Reality Grip uses high quality paint that is thinly applied. That means no gunking up the grip, keeping it grippy and clean. 100% Made in the U.S.A. 100% Sweat Shop Free. Manufactured in Illinois. All grip is hand printed in Los Angeles. Reality Grip paint does not contain any lead based ingredients, CFCs or Aromatic Hydrocarbons.