Soft Hoagie Rolls Tees (5 Styles)

Soft Hoagie Rolls Tees (4 Styles)

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Soft Hoagie Rolls is less of a brand and more of just a rad, yet strange crew of skaters from the west coast of Florida. We discovered some of their bizarre designs on Instagram and we were pretty shocked to discover that they were based out of St. Petersburg, in the southwestern area of Tampa Bay. Having some strong Florida connections here at the TOA, we know how much of a sweltering hell hole the entire Tampa Bay area can be for skateboarding. So we found it especially amazing to see such a rad brand and crew emerge out of the depths of the retirement home wastelands. After a little bit of Instagram communication, we managed to import a small offering of some of our favorite designs for the TOA store. We only have a few of these tees in stock but we will continue to pick up new designs as they come out. Stoked to have these guys in the store and always hyped to see something unique coming out of the Florida skate scene. Check out a recent video out of St. Pete featuring a bunch of the SHR crew here: