Theories Look Tee Royal

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The all new Theories "Look" tee pretty much speaks for itself. Look up in the sky yourself on a normal sunny day and you might notice a virtual checkerboard of contrails left behind by passing planes. The term "contrail" refers to the condensation left behind by planes, a virtually harmless release of condensed water vapor. But many have theorized that these trails are actually "chemtrails", a much more nefarious combination of chemicals and biological agents sprayed into the air for a variety of possible purposes from controlling the weather to making the population sick. With a variety of theories, it is most agreed upon that the spraying is part of a larger program of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, aka HAARP. A very real program instituted by the US Army, US Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, aka DARPA. A program that many believe is a veiled weather manipulation program that is attempting to weaponize the weather.

Turn some heads with this new tee, available in two different clean color ways including this royal blue tee with white ink.