Theories Pop Enamel Pins

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Enamel hot right now. We took some of our favorite influences from music, pop culture, etc and blended them up with some Theories concepts to create these awesome hybrid pins. Pick your favorite of the three or get all three for a discounted bulk price. 1. There's a very strange series of strange coincidences in the imagery of pop-culture that almost prophesized the tragedy of 9/11 before it happend. Sometimes years before, as seen in this strange scene from The Simpsons when Lisa held up a tour book to New York city that had a bizarre $9 price listed in the corner. With the World Trade Center looming in the background, it eerily spelled out "911". In recognition of these strange coincidences, the Lisa-911 pin has been created with a subtle Theories included for good measure. 2. Moluch Of My Domain: We blended the Seinfeld title design with the ever popular Moluch design, featuring the owl image from the notorious Bohemian Grove. 3. If you've ever watched one of the first few Static videos, you'd know that we're huge Dinosaur Jr fans. But I guess that goes without saying in the skateboarding world. So we took the t-shirt that all 3 of us here at TOA used to wear in high school as kids and brought it to life in this rad little enamel pin.